Bertrand LAMARCHE -The Weather House, 2003 
Vidéoprojection Polystyrène, capsules de plexiglas, moteur, hélice, éclairage, machine à fumer (brumisateur), caméra, système de rétroprojection, DVD, voiture miniature, 50 x 109,5 x 99,5 cm Coll. les Abattoirs, Toulouse
 The Weather House is a scale model (1:100) of a house with an autonomous climate-control system that responds to the moods of its inhabitants. The Weather House requires two rooms. In the first there is the model of the house, with its cylinders, the intake tank/living room that receives the fog, and the vertical silo of the water reservoir, its pylons and its base, a polystyrene fog bank. A miniature camera situated in the tank transmits the ambience (standing fog or hurricane) onto a large screen in the adjacent second room fixed up like a living room. The functionalist style of the composition brings to mind both Bauhaus utopianism and a set for a science fiction movie.  (text by Anne Bonnin in ART PRESS 234)

Bertrand lamarche- The Weather House, 2003