2004 / 2011 - LOBBY (Hyper - Tore)

Lobby (hyper-tore), 2010 
200 x 200 cm
Exhibition view Palais de Tokyo, 2010
crédit : André Morin

edition of 3

"Lobby (Hyper Tore) is a hollow torus formed by a length of flexible aluminium ducting, laid on a plywood base. The object, equipped with a motor fixed to two rotating discs that seal the duct ends, effects a full revolution, turning in on itself. Animated by perpetual movement that gives an illusion of simultaneous retraction and regeneration, the device moves and gleams, apparently caught in a trap that tends to make it look like an organism on the verge of mutating. 

The work’s architectural dimension should be considered, on one hand, in terms of the torus, an element that in architecture denotes a semi- cylindrical moulding round the base of a column or pillar; and, on the other hand, with regard to the meaning conferred by the work’s title.
Lobby (hyper tore), 2004
49 x 39 x 17 cm
couronne tubulaire souple en aluminium, plateau moteur, engrenage,
edition of 4
collection les Abattoirs, Toulouse
The word lobby describes an entrance hall or corridor -in any case, a transitory place. As a reduced-model prototype of a changeover, Lobby (Hyper Tore), by dint of its hypnotic character, could well be an invitation to enter an enigmatic subterranean world figuratively expressed by the dizzying, yawning gap of the torus: a fake vortex with ti high power of attraction."

Text by Anne Lou Vicente, 2008