TERRAIN VAGUE (Wasteland), 2001
Vidéo ,Betacam numérique, Durée : 30’
edition of 4

Interested in architecture and in contemporaries landscapes, Bertrand Lamarche has designed several projects relatives to the site embracing the J.F.Kennedy viaduct site in Nancy. On this archetypal non-place with its unfinished look and chaotic images that were shot the "terrain vague" project, mounted as a long tracking shot that accompanies the circular sweep of the nocturne landscape by the beam of a lighthouse. The fascination of the artist for the gyratory movement generated by a vacuum occurs in several of his works such as the «rotor», which aims to restore the physical experience of a tornado.

Between science fiction and architecture, the artist depicts whirlpools and black holes, ruined landscapes that evoke a world with disrupted coordinates both spatial and temporal. This video is a long shot circular and repetitive on a waste lot on geography uncertain.