Bertrand LAMARCHE - Methendal, 1997
installation. unique
coll frac Languedoc Roussillon

Bertrand LAMARCHE - Methendal, 1997

«What contributes to a large extent to the flavor of science fiction is its ability to help technical change; the reality has come to Utopia - managed immediately on the assumption of a challenge, after making the ultimate consequences of the current situation. » (Rayond Guidot).

The miniaturized city entitled «Méthandal» (1997) introduced the draft noise of an organized network, a utopian city, represented in a state of half-ruin, far from a futuristic perspective and provides a reading of the present. The effect of a flawed cybernetic that emerges from the project joins the field of observation processes and basic physics experiments where the experimenter seems excluded, as in earlier works by Bertrand Lamarche.
Presented in recent years in Montpellier, Sete and Montreuil, the artist has designed a set of discreet parts although complex at the same time, in a way to define a body position and an art of observation, a point of view that invites to cross from the visible to the non-visible.  

The supported view and a floating listening are mobilized by the mixing process and by the live streaming of the sound recorded inside the exhibition,suggesting the kind of space for a hypnotic fiction.

Pascale Cassagnau, In ART PRESS