1993 2003 - THE MODEL (After Nancy)

Bertrand LAMARCHE - The Model (After Nancy)- 1993/2011
Installation, collection of the artist
Many of Bertrand Lamarche’s work explore the idea of scale. Reflecting the artist’s interest in urban planning and architecture, The Model (After Nancy) takes  as its starting-point the site of the railway station in Nancy.
Initiated in 1993 and still in progress, it is more a reconstruction than a draft, although it does not record the changes to the place that initially inspire dit : the artist has kept certain element of the original, while others have benn removed or added, making room for emptyness and for architectures invented from scratch.

 In this intentionally heterogeneous blend of real and imaginary elements, a fictional framework is superposed onto an urban reality. The artist’s critical stance, detectable in the very object of the model, which allows him to distance himself from reality, can thus be interpreted through the complexity of what is represented.
The Work’s title plays on chronology and inspiration. It underscores the ambivalence of the juxtaposition, in one space-time, of what existed at a given moment and of what no longer exists – or, indeed, never did.

The model (After Nancy), as an archetype, representes a vision drawn from fiction, of a constantly-changing scenario. Bertrand Lamarche here depict an urban sequence like an entropic landscape, thus reaffirming his taste for incompleteness and metamorphosis.

 (text by Anne Lou Vicente, LA GALERIE, Noisy le Sec)