Cinema Installation, Edition of 3. installation Anthology Film Archives, New York 2001

A hole in the screen is an installation piece consisting of two elements : a «vortex machine» located in the courthouse Gallery downstairs, and a live video projection in the Maya Deren Theater. The Vortex machine generates a small tornado of steam that is visible through the glass side of the apparatus. A videocamera underneath the botton platform records a spinning vortex as it rises through the cylinder; this image of a rotating hole is then projected live in the Deren Theater betwenn film screenings. Rather than existing simply as another movie, the hole opens up an imaginary void within the surface of the screen itself.

excerpt of the Anthology Film Archive Program (New York 2000)

Bertrand LAMARCHE, A hole in the Screen, 2001
installation, edition of 3
Anthology Film Archive, New York