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Bertrand Lamarche’s work begins with objects or elements which engage his eye: the railway site at Nancy, the hypnotic states associated with movement, Kate Bush’s voice, meteorological phenomenon, giant hogweeds, holes, sound loops, cinematographic cut-outs of space or vinyl rotations. All these elements are part of the artist’s obsessive laboratory and incessantly transmute into installations, projections, mock-ups and videos. The resulting works propose themselves less as fixed objects, even if they are autonomous, than as occurrences which play and replay the movements, the temporalities and the artifices of the visible.

The artist’s visual devices cut out processes at the same time as they transform them into “things to see”. The urban model of Fog factory (2005-2011) transforms the railway site into a scenario: an intermittent fog, coming from a container hung under the table and spreading over the table top, surrounds the architecture in a climatic disorder. The making of a model displaces the real referent into its fictional distortion, into meteorological extravagances through which this work indicates both its dimension of heterotopia and its affinity with science fiction.

His works explore the intrinsic variability of space-time, of light and sound in transpositions of their coordinates — proportion, orientation, passages, short cuts, rotating cycles — or even by their dislocation. Bertrand Lamarche’s work creates distortions in scale and spatio-temporal ellipses in a movement of transformation which alters and increases the figures, suspends the real and carries its materiality over into a fictional experience. “Art is magic freed from the lie of being true.”-

text by Antonia Birnbaum, 2012
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